Corporate and Finance Law

The Law Office of Craig A. Wagner focuses on all phases of complex corporate and commercial finance transactions. We work with clients on each step of the transaction, from the initial structuring, through the planning and execution phases.

We advise many clients who wish to grow their businesses by acquiring other companies using asset purchase agreements, merger and stock purchase agreements. Our clients rely on our expertise in the structuring, negotiating, conducting due diligence and documenting these transactions.

We assist corporate executives and companies in negotiating and documenting executive and key employment agreements. We identify when a non compete or non solicitation provision is appropriate for an executive employment agreement. We also help identify whether certain employee incentive programs such as phantom stock or stock option plans are appropriate for a particular company.

We take special pride in working with entrepreneurs and “start up” businesses, and remain involved from initial concept through growth stage through the sale of the business or other exit strategy. We work extensively with successful, young businesses in acquiring other businesses, hiring chief executives, executing major supplier agreements and other important transactions that occur as the company grows into a mature successful business.

We also advise regularly on licensing and intellectual property issues, involving copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and related items.

On the commercial finance side, commercial loan documentation can be very complex.  We can help you structure these documents, understand how financial covenants in these loan documents work and ensure that the legal documents properly evidence the loan transaction that the bank negotiated with you.

Commercial Real Estate Law

We represent real estate developers and investors. We counsel these clients regarding a wide variety of business development, loans, operational and management issues, including negotiating and documenting management and leasing agreements for office, multifamily, retail, industrial and hotel properties. Our real estate clients regularly call upon us to help structure, negotiate and document complex acquisitions and sales, sale/leasebacks and sophisticated secured transactions, including constructions and permanent loans, lines of credit, refinancing, letters of credit, securitization and loan work-outs. Because we are sensitive to environmental issues and the integral part that they play in today's real estate transactions, we work closely with environmental consultants and special counsel, when necessary, to identify environmental issues and assist the client in assessing the risks and mitigation required for proposed developments to proceed successfully.